Argentine Tango

argentine tango courses in SpoletoReading Elisabetta Muraca's book "Nell'abbraccio del tango" you understand why Tango is among the activities of Naharia. The Naharia cultural association works on and imparts holistic techniques for the total and deep wellbeing of the person ... and what does Tango have to do with this?
I have quotes of some significant parts of the book which explain why tango is among the holistic activities of Naharia. From: " Nell'abbraccio del tango" by Elisabetta Muraca:
..."dancing tango means committing yourself through your body, senses, feelings..."
..." the tango disease...this virus is indestructible, not all become infected but when it happens it’s irreversible..."
..." tango is a cultural product, which has always been transmitted following an oral tradition, the proof of which is the lacking written texts regarding this dance; in fact, to the contrary of other dances, the transmission of danced tango has always happened from one body to another and one generation to another..."
..." tango is the perfect lover, evoking fantasies of every type, mobilizing resources and at the same time places us before our limits. It puts us into contact with the experience of pleasure to such an extent that if the essential conditions for good tango come about, at the end of the tanda we remain in a brief state of altered conscience, exactly like that experienced in the state of “falling in love" is it that this meeting is so deep? A meeting that needs no words, introductions or social masks but only listening to another body along with the music...that’s why I like tango, because it’s the pure example of contact here and now, unique and unrepeatable..."


Dancing tango is therefore one of the activities for reaching deep wellbeing which Naharia proposes to impart. That is why the Naharia Cultural Association organizes Tango courses, apprenticeships with the best teachers and shows regarding Tango in Spoleto and tries to spread the spirit and culture of tango.