yoga and meditation in Spoleto - Naharia Association"Meditation isn’t sitting with your eyes closed. It means freeing your mind of obsessions, experiencing, acquiring, knowing, learning something, thus letting silence to manifest itself"

Vimala Thakar

Meditation is the state in which there is awareness without effort and without choices about life within and around us; it is a state, a way of being, not an activity.
Meditation is non-cerebral movement, uninhibited movement, unconditioned by individual conscience, in harmony with the rhythm of universal life. Meditation is a total way of living; a state of the entire being.
Our minds are always active and jump continually from one thought to another, from one emotion to another. To come into contact with the universal soul closed within each of us, you must go beyond the fog of thoughts which prevent you from seeing. The goal of meditation is to stop thinking for a lapse of time, to wait until the fog of thoughts thins and unveils the interior spirit.

Whoever practices yoga cannot disregard meditation; yoga is also meditation. The Naharia  cultural association helps all those who are interested in yoga and meditation activities and organizes yoga courses in Spoleto.