SRI AUROBONDO ".everything is yoga."

yoga courses in Spoleto

Yoga .."Union, linking together"

Its fundamental aspect leads man to become conscience that he is transient as a human being.
Yoga helps people to understand themselves deeply and teaches how to go beyond the division between spirituality and daily life. All of yoga demands concentration: from contact with the body, emotions, mental forms you inevitably make contact with yourself.
Yoga is a school for concentration, the most important tool to achieve true understanding of yourself and with yourself. All our parts are put into communication, our capacity to observe ourselves, to meld the various components and lead them inside a choice, a will, a concept, a thought.
Yoga is not therefore the result of an action but a complex system of various actions.
Essentially yoga is needed to translate our awareness of a condition of strong interior calmness, leading us to a state of harmony in which it is possible to create and express yourself. And that represents the beginning of the reconversion within to be able to transfer harmony of gestures, thoughts and beauty in your life.
Yoga is a master route that leads to the abandonment of the identification of I, until the realization of the intimate harmony which connects everything as a UNIQUE MANIFESTED BODY.